Dawes in Winter

Located about 30 miles east of Columbus, Dawes Arboretum always represents a wonderful photographic location. It doesn’t matter the time of the year, the weather or anything else, there’s nearly always something that sparks the imagination.img_3817_Painting

Call it stir crazy or something else, but sitting inside gets boring after a while. This was one of those cases. The actual temperature this¬† January day was around minus 3.¬† Despite freezing my butt off, this was a good day for shooting. Snow lay everywhere. The sky was a crisp clear blue. The green evergreens popped in the wintery sun. Several of my favorite prints came out of this day’s shooting.

The tree above is at the top of the hill above the Dawes Arboretum hedge lettering and just below the overlook tower. There was no one there this day. It was too cold.

Post processing for this image was in Corel Painter.