Found photos

I’m not much into abstraction as a personal style. I enjoy folks who come up with great symbolic work, but it’s not what I generally do.

Occasionally things come along though that are too good to pass up.

This was one of those times.IMG_0907

Tanya and I decided to drive the car through the local car wash. They must have just refilled the foamy soap buckets because we were squirted with an amazing spectrum of color and bubbles. Lots of bubbles.

As we were sitting there waiting for the machine to quit doing its thing, I marveled at how all of the colors just seemed to blend together.  Fortunately, I had my G11 at hand and managed to get two shots snapped off before the rinse cycle started and all of the pretty bubbles went away.

This image is the product of that experience.

I did some manipulation. It’s been turned 90 degrees and I cropped out the car’s dashboard,  but I just love the bubbles and the colors.

I’ve been taking to carrying the G11 just about everyplace. I like the results, it’s fast and easy to get off a quick shot. That’s especially useful before the rinse comes along and wipes out the photo!