Angela gets ready

This photo started off, more or less, as a mistake.img_6439a

Angela flies through her days juggling 9 million different things. I know this because she posts on Facebook.

Observers would think it was seamless, but Angie says that’s not always the case. She’s still impressive.

Since she moved south — because it’s a lot warmer — I don’t get to see her quite as much any more. And that’s a bit sad, but we stay in touch on Facebook and an occasional chat.

Angela does a lot of things well. She has a busy job which seems to suit her. She’s a heck of photographer when she finds the time. She has many widely divergent interests.

I first met Angela when she was modeling.  She was patient as I learned studio lighting, honed my craft, figured out some of the secrets of post-processing.

This image started when she was getting ready for one of our fashion photography shoots. She was busy doing something to get ready and I was adjusting flash settings. I triggered the image while trying to make sure the flash batteries were good. They weren’t, which is why it’s blurry and somewhat out of focus.

For some reason, rather than deleting it as a bad photo, it’s lingered through the years on my hard drive. But it took a long time — years in fact — until I could fix in my mind how it should appear.

The result, I think, captures how I think about Angela. Attractive, intelligent, a blur of motion and a bit mysterious and hard to pin down. I’ve shot a lot of “regular” images of Angela, but this one is one of my favorites because it says so more more than a regular photo ever could.

And that’s the joy that my friend Angela brings me.