The Sunshine Skyway story

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge spans Tampa Bay, connecting Pinellas County to the north and Manatee County on the south side of the bay.

The bridge is a remarkable feat of construction that builds on a legacy of Tampa Bay bridge construction. Of the 5,000 or so bridges in Florida, the Sunshine Skyway is one of the most recognizable.

Authors Nevin Sitler and Ric Sitler have penned a book about more than the most recent bridge crossing Tampa Bay.  The pair tackle the fascinating history of the challenges and construction of various bridges and transportation efforts around the Bay.

From ferry boats to the very first scheduled “airline” flight Tampa Bay has presented bridge builders with considerable challenges from raising money to engineering challenges.

This is a good book. The authors do an excellent job of telling the history of Tampa Bay’s bridges in a coherent fashion. The story is more than the bridges; it is the story of the dreamers who found a way to get the bridges build.

The book is available in most ebook formats and from most booksellers. Highly recommended especially for those in the Tampa Bay area and drive the bridges regularly.