The Marketplace at Night

(c) 2018 Eric Anderson

The Marketplace in downtown Springfield, Ohio is a dramatic, historical building. The often-photographed clock tower is a well-known landmark.

This photograph was made from the balcony of a nearby hotel. Post-processing was tricky as there are strong light and dark areas. The initial pass was through Aurora HDR which brightened the colors and provided greater contrast. The next pass was through Alien Skin’s Exposure X3 which handled the black and white conversion. Final touchup consisted of some dodging and burning in Photoshop CC.

Prints are available here

Making contrast work



Photographers love the “golden hour”. It’s that hour just after sunrise and before sunset where the sun doesn’t cast direct shadows and the diffuse lighting is grand. With shortened winter days, that “hour” becomes maybe 20 minutes, so the test becomes making the contrast work for the image.

This was created on a December day in downtown Palm Harbor, Florida. I found the light, the angles and the mid-day sun fascinating.