The Marketplace at Night

(c) 2018 Eric Anderson

The Marketplace in downtown Springfield, Ohio is a dramatic, historical building. The often-photographed clock tower is a well-known landmark.

This photograph was made from the balcony of a nearby hotel. Post-processing was tricky as there are strong light and dark areas. The initial pass was through Aurora HDR which brightened the colors and provided greater contrast. The next pass was through Alien Skin’s Exposure X3 which handled the black and white conversion. Final touchup consisted of some dodging and burning in Photoshop CC.

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Sunset through the trees

Sunsets in Florida in Florida can be spectacular, but many of them show the sun going down over the Gulf of Mexico or one of the state’s many lakes or ponds. I’ve recently been photographing a grove of trees not far from our condo. 

The mid-winter sun sets at a slight angle to the main alignment of the trees, offering opportunities for shadows. Please follow the jump for technical details and ordering information if you want a copy.

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Bear Rocks, Dolly Sods

Bear Rocks

I just sold a copy of this print. Bear Rocks near Dolly Sods in the mountains of West Virginia is a favorite place.

The Wikipedia entry says this (in part):

Bear Rocks is a remarkably scenic, windswept summit atop one of West Virginia’s highest mountains. It is perched on a ridge of sandstone cliffs and is a rock outcropping on the Allegheny Front with a 2,000 to 3,000-foot (600 to 1,000 m) drop below that forms the Eastern Continental Divide. To the east, looking out over the South Branch of the Potomac River, which drains into theAtlantic Ocean via the Chesapeake Bay, there are breathtaking 35-mile (56 km) views where seven mountain ridges are visible on a clear day extending into Virginia. On the clearest days you can see Hawksbill Mountain and Stony Man, the highest peaks in Shenandoah National Park. To the west, water drains into Dolly Sods towards Red Creek, which eventually flows to the Gulf of Mexico via the Dry Fork River, Black Fork, Cheat, Mongahela, Ohio and Mississippi River.

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