Back Porch Abstract


For years I thought there was an abstract image in a portion of our back porch. I could never figure it out until one snowy winter day, the shadows, lines and curves all came together in an interest juxtaposition.

The dog thought I was crazy. It was cold out there that day.

Ohio State’s University Hall



From a Columbus Dispatch notables article: Ohio State University opened on Sept. 17, 1873.

In his 1952 History of the Ohio State University, James E. Pollard noted: “In a way this apparent neglect was understandable. There was no formal opening. The faculty was there, a handful of students gathered and they simply went to work on a sprawling campus remote from the city, in a single building still uncompleted, and in an atmosphere punctuated by the song of the saw and the pounding of hammers. It was anything but the traditional academic grove.”

That single building, University Hall, housed not only the lecture halls but also the faculty apartments and student lodging. It was closed in 1968 and razed in 1971. A replica was erected in 1976 and remains open today.

The image above is the replica.

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Orton Hall, Ohio State University



From the Wikipedia entry: Orton Hall, one of the oldest remaining buildings on Ohio State University campus, opened in 1893 and is named after Dr Edward Orton, Sr. who served as OSU’s first president, Professor of Geology from 1873-1899, and Ohio’s State Geologist from 1882 until his death in 1899.

Orton suffered a partially paralyzing stroke in 1891, but continued to work. Ohio State University constructed a geological pleasure dome in 1893, and named it Orton Hall, in tribute to Edward Orton’s seminal contributions.

The Hall is built of forty different Ohio building stones. In the outside walls, these stones are laid in stratigraphic order according to their relative positions in Ohio’s bedrock.

The capitals of the numbered columns in the entrance hall feature carvings of fossils, such as trilobites, as well as other objects such as the races of Man. The bell tower was dedicated in 1915 and contains 25,000 pounds of bells that can be heard regularly tolling across campus in the key of E flat. Encircling the top of the tower are 24 columns with gargoyle-like figures which are restorations of fossil animals.

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